We see you

Urban and rural landscape, sketches from here and there wanders.

urban and rural landscape, ink sketch
cityscape ink

Urban and rural landscape painted with ink.  During today’s walk I counted 18 cameras! Shock a bit. Is it good or bad – I do not know myself. But I felt a bit uncomfortable and terribly futuristic ;). I do not like this awareness, that if someone wanted it, he would be able to recreate my route from place to place not only thanks to tracking my phone, but also thanks to city cameras. Let’s hope that the face recognition and civil identification project will be introduced as late as possible. The city is finishing me off. Although it can be a very grateful artistic object. urban landscape and rural carcass

Civilization everywhere

For comparison, this is the rural landscape. As you can see, civilization is everywhere. Beautiful fields and electric poles are something that captures me. I sit down at the edge of the forest and put on paper what moves me. Fortunately, there was no monitoring there. But as you can see, urban life is slowly entering here. Containers erected and will probably soon grow up into houses. Sometimes I am tempted by the idea of ​​a container house ;>

urban and rural landscape, ink sketch 2
rural landscape, ink

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