Recently, I once again got into macrophotography. It’s rather because of the variety of textures and their possibility to use in various graphic designs. Sometime I have already licked this macro, but it requires too much patience. Precision. Time. Well, actually every photo comes out nice, because the eye is not used to such enlargements and views. I do not know if it should look like this;)

And here is a coral. I think I got a piece from Portugal once. Well, anyway, I’m intrigued by these tiny, harmonious holes to other worlds. Porous rock. Nature is so beautiful! I hope that the donor did not destroy but only collected the particles thrown by the water.

coral reef macrophotography

Shot with an ordinary digital Canon 1000D, 50mm lens with double ring for macro. Millimeters of difference in distance and I was completely losing focus. But somehow it worked. Mainly due to the high aperture value … something around 18. And the tripod.
Do I like it?