Cityscape analog photo. New spieces of animals. City Crane Birds.

Multiexposure, color film, scan.

Camera Smena 8m.

Cityscape analog photo cranes

Another shopping center

Construction site of a large shopping center. Another, next to the second and completely unnecessary. I have not been there myself and I will not be there. I feel sorry for the time and nerves for running around the shops. Because it turns out later that the lighting is somehow illogically unfavorable and I feel like howling to the mirror. After all, it would seem that nice lighting would be more conducive to mass purchases. Right?

And I never have enough of these books, taht I could/can buy them. Or. However, the internet offers lower prices and, nevertheless, faster research. That’s why I will not visit this place. Or maybe instead, let’s switch to online stores, and let large areas of land be devoted to areas of culture, entertainment, social contact, and Nature Spots? Something like this.

Cityscape analog photo cranes 2
before edition. film scan

By bicycle

Photograph taken during a city bike ride. Going with a minimalist lifestyle, I got rid of the car and switched to a bicycle. It is known …. the problem arises with snow, snowdrifts and ice on the road.

cityscape analog photos railway

But still, a great burden fell from my heart. Because I no longer have to remember about these hellish insurance installments. About inspections and possible repairs. I do not have to refuel. Fuel combustion efficiency is so ridiculously low that I can not comprehend how the world is still reconciled with such a source of drive. I’m not stinking anymore. And I do not only take 1 place out of 5 free. This is indeed the strength of the legs!

cityscape analog photos railway 2

A sense of revival! Effort combined with the goal of getting to a certain point on the map. And when I see, that buses and poor cars go head to head with me, I fall into self-admiration ;P

I fly on my bike and stop when something impresses me, moves me, makes angry;>