Stork nest watercolor and ink.
 At the railway station.

On my way to music festival, somewhere on the Polish railway routes. Not in the city anymore, but not quite in the countryside. It seems that such railway areas are not very often visited by people and encourage storks to set up nests. I was impressed on the one hand by the impression of the incredible closeness and power of this great nest, diligently built in a kind of stack of layers. And on the other hand, an unusual sense of separation of the nest and the bird loneliness and isolation by all kinds of wires and lines. Almost like a prison. I managed to run a photo of Smena and then, modeling myself on it, recreate the picture.

watercolor sketch of stork nest railway station

Complicated relationships

When painting this picture, I thought about relationships and how people function. This view reminded me of people being in relationschips that do not satisfy them. They are lonely, they are waiting for rescue, which is often not coming. Lack of courage tells them to wait for a knight or princess, and they do not show up because of the numerous barbed wire on the way. Years pass, hopes go out, and people pass by and disappear forever. I was in a similar situation. I was supposed to be the princess who saves the poor from the pointless relationship. I did not take it. I did not want to break the relationship. Directly. I did not like to be a lifebelt. Fortunately after several long months and attempts to rescue the relationship, my beloved friend dared to take drastic steps and revolutions in her life. I gave her this small painting before she broke up with her partner to express my sympathy. Now we are together and I feel that she is my true friend and partner.

Barbed wire fence

Sometimes I have the impression that we are strongly barbed wire separated from other people. Like this stork. And we are waiting alone for someone brave who will try to create something authentic and lasting. Not only for romantic relationships. Also … friendship for example. Something honest and unselfish.

I admit that I am a bit amused by this picture. The proportions are unsettled and the stork resembles a great dinosaur, a wild pterodactyl. But the message is probably similar …. 🙂

What do U think?


by Planeta Rium, me