Akwarela miejska elektrociepłownia

Welcome in this beautiful sunny and frosty day. For me it is.

Today I present this year’s watercolor. Painted in autumn. Beautiful and sad city landscape.

I woke up

today with a heavy head and swollen eyes. A hard night, full of nightmares. The worst kind. After such night adventures (abandonment, death, fight, escape, crying, diseases) opening eyes and seeing the gray sky and the cold wind breeze, getting out of bed seems quite impossible.

But luckily not today

… today it is beautiful! So I got up from the bed and the first thing I saw was a majestic, colorful machine of electricity and heat rising above the city. A red-and-white neck erected straight into the sky and a large, at first white waves of smoke and steam wading in the sky. Unfortunately, it is a great dragon, breathing fire, heat and particles of pollution straight above the already burdened body of the city. Among other things, these monsters, combined heat and power plants, cause smog hazards.
There is a lot of writing about them recently. India, China, Poland and many, many more. How is it that few people care? Air pollution in a surprising way affects the health and mortality of the Earth’s inhabitants. People stifle in Asia, protest and oppose. So what? After all, power is not in the hands of people.
But who cares? Rather, not someone who makes standards, thousands, millions, brands, business interests …. But this is a topic on a separate post.

To sum up …..

I really hope that the internet and cryptocurrencies will eventually lead to the decentralization of power …. To break down centuries-old systems, connections, lobbies and ultra-consumerism drives. It’s just another, more camouflaged form of exploitation, class division and slavery … Enough.
I made a quick ink sketch on a walk. I took a picture and at home I used watercolors based on a previously made photo.
“May the Force be with You”
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Planeta Rium