Watercolor about spieces encounter. And sketches.

watercolor about honeybee

I painted based on the small remains of a male mosquito and a bee. I thought that bees are doing badly in the modern world. Concreted, monocultural and polluted with smog. Human activities have a negative impact on bee populations (Apidae), that is about 5,800 species described by humans. Including probably the most recognizable and loved honey bee (Apis mellifera). A fascinating being, with an interesting social structure and a complicated, hard life 😉
The main threats to the honey bee are:

  • air pollution,
  • loss of natural habitats,
  • pesticides,
  • electromagnetic waves (antropogenic),
  • bacteria, viruses and mites (eg varroasis)

Most likely, these factors led to their massive extinction called CCD (Collony Collapse Disorder).
I do not know how the population of mosquitoes looks like, but sitting on the water in the summer I have the impression that they are biting mercilessly (females) and there are more and more of them every year; P
If you want to read more about CCD:
So our heroine, Honey bee, dies on concrete stretching to the grimy horizon. She has been killed by a man, not a mosquito;). The mosquito looks at her agony and no one else except him fears her fate.


by Me
all rights reserved