Wandering the galaxy’s arm, ink sketch. I just landed here on planet Earth. I wrote and draw this.

wandering the galaxy's arm sketch
“Just landed”, ink sketch

Somewhere out of star dust, roaming the galaxy’s arms,
I arrived barely escaping the gravitational field of Jupiter.
I landed in a strange place.
Forgive me but I’m not sure: green.
skimming and perhaps colorful. Existence cries fiercely to be invisible.
I must have taken a human form.
Humanoid. It’s not funny and it’s very bloated.
It happened, however, and I rode my senses.
The sinister bull jumped up in a jump.
He hit me, his big torso.
He threw down, quickly and at the same time horizontally.
I flattened myself like amoeba
so a bit stupid. It’s better than like frog.
I immediately condensed the atoms, I set up vertically
I looked at energies and systems, in appearance, related to me.
Plumose, gliding. Constantly in nonentity evolving.
Here is what my  very surprised hand, quickly but awkwardly,
With a piece of graphite specially sharpened, wood surrounded,