Ink sketch about deforestation and pollution. The entire planet. And in the background, a man watching this. But have we already seen, as a thinking and conscious species, what does reality look like?
I doubt it. 

ink sketch about pollution
ink, A3

I look with horror at people passively watching the destruction of the world. Inequalities and environmental degradation. Sometimes I think that my eyes look away too. Convenience. Who has the strength to care? To live, struggle and fight? But shouldn’t we, creatures so advanced and developed, having contemporary consciousness, require a little more from itself? After all, we consider ourselves exceptional … although it may be this anthropocentrism, humanism that causes us to favour ourselves away from all the rest of the animals, beauty and what nature and natural resources are. This does not change the fact that we are no longer subservient to serfdom, uneducated, poor beings. Directly. Yes? We have some influence. Today, I think it is the civic duty of every man living in the “western” world. We already have money, time and conditions to dictate these conditions;
When I start to look at problems in the world, I feel overwhelmed, helplessness. I think that I have no influence on the “great evil” happening in the worldand I ask myself “why bother?” Can I limit meat consumption to 2-3 times a week? Maybe it’s better to eat less, but better quality? Without antibiotics, diseases and animal misfortune? Fortunately, there are some simple things that can be done about pollution and deforestation of the globe.
Few important things!

ink sketch, scanned and digital color
skan + kolor digital

We deforest for:

  • animal breeding, e.g. cows for beef (giant pastures in South America, Africa and Asia)
  • plant cultivation, e.g. palm oil, soy,
  • wood for fuel or as a raw material for industry.

Consequences of deforestation:

  • loss of habitats for valuable species of plants and animals, often leading to the extinction of species (currently it is estimated that we have 7 mass extinctions of species, it runs the fastest from all previous species),    
  • desertification of the territories, i.e. lowering the water level and draining the areas. (more fires)
  • soil degradation (soil quality affects the amount of food produced),
  • increase in methane production, reduced CO2 absorption. Changes in humidity.
  • and others.

Sources. Read:

ink sketch about chimneys and factories
tusz, A4

What can I do ?

  • do not buy products containing palm oil. Cutting equatorial forests for monocultural crops. Animals get killed or left to die. Let’s not buy from companies that grew on animal blood,
  • limit the consumption of meat. Remember that man is an omnivorous species and does not need, and even should not eat meat every day in such gigantic amounts. Do not eat at McDondald’s. To produce one hamburger you need about 2,300 liters of water (
  • it is worth buying from small, local companies that do not transport products from the other end of the world. Where environmental standards are much lower than in Eastern World. Maybe We will see less of factories chmneys.

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