This little guy born in urban dirty alleys.

The birth of Artificial Intelligence ink sketch.
So this guy is made out of tablet, some tripod heads for joints, batteries, power banks as chest, wheels and all kinds of cords. USB wires, power cords.
He also has good quality little speakers sold in airplanes, but one plastic part is broken and Go Pro lense at the top of the head 😉

The birth of Artificial Intelligence ink sketch.
“little friend” 148 x 210 mm

A foolish little idea about a certain garbage, waste gaining consciousness

one day came into my mind. Garbage once was shiny, new, expensive and beautifully packaged. He filled the man with the conviction that now everything would be all right, suddenly he would be someone better, faster, liked. He will play this game, start that app. Even maybe play “instrument” or record some music? And gain fame? ;P
Talk to Siri:
“-Hey Siri.
-Fuck Me.”
“-Hey Siri, Are U an Artificial Intelligence?”
Most likely, some kind of error occured in the code of a small device that is the highest quality tablet resting in the trash. Actually right next to it. Some kind of error, the impulse that prompted the processor of discharging device to take quick action. Self-defence. Hourglass. Death.

Conservative instinct.

A small Artificial Intelligence? Like the animal’s urge to survive as long as possible or the best?
Or maybe this Riot Robot is just a toy of a much more powerful creature? Clever, sly or cunning. Having a different purpose. Biger one? Not only survival of itself but also survival and protection of billions of years of life, Citizens of the lower category.
Such an outline forms in my head. History gaining its own life. I accidentally scattered the beans on the floor. After days and nights it begins to germinate. Funny little ideas in green world about pollution and waste. And about life that can hatch. I believe it will. Riot.

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