NASA space sounds collage
the Void

NASA space sounds collage.
Made of scanned newspapers pieces and my analog photo (Smena 8m) and inspired bythis NASA Space Sounds recordings.

NASA space sounds

So in the middle of this collage there is a QR code to listen the sound of Universe recorded by NASA with e.g. Voyager probe.
I looove to listen those sounds, especially at night, though it can be frightening!
When I listened it for the first time it blown my head away and blood was flooding the ceiling ;P.
Amazing project. Links:
Symphonies of the Planets
NASA Voyager Recordings:

These recordings are created by the technique of decimation – digital processing of sounds. As we know, there is no ideal vacuum in space, so particles of matter and energy interact to produce electromagnetic radiation in a range of wave frequencies that human can’t hear. It is processed digitally so that it is within the range of human-readable electromagnetic radiation, around 20-20,000 Hz. Some of the waves have a frequency that is right for our ear, while the pressure in space is too low to hear. 🙂 Or something like that. Read more details here:
Oh and one more thing. Part of this music (peacefull part) is great for meditation and inner travels! Calms me down.

night analog photo of city lights