Modern human and civilization collage. It was created in several stages. I used in it:

  • fragments of my analog photographs (scanned and edited) that are insides of a modern man made with the Smena 8m camera. Lomography. Multiexposition.
  • my digital photo, from the river at night, which is the background.
my modern human and civilization collage
modern human graphics

Feeling overwhelmed? Paranoia?

I do not know how you feel in cities, but I have been feeling rather bad for some time. I see myself as this this oppressed, gray man. I always look down at my feet, hurrying something in the jungle of cables and windows.
See how enslaved he is? Connected with electric cables? And with all the witnesses of his life all around him? Where he will not look, they look at him. Where you do not look there, they look at you. Truth?
In all of this, nature and communing with it are becoming rarer. I used to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, maniacally. There was not much greenery in it. Then came the partying time. Which was somewhat related to nature and its womb, but it was not the main object of interest. This “beautiful blonde” illuminating the room full of people was above all the urge to be “on high”. Not nature:) Here are some XTC, some green Herbs and alcohol. Somewhere in the background were people and the beauty of nature. And at the end of my studies, it turned out that nature was calling me. I began to observe species and colors more closely.
Later, art and observation of Mother Nature appeared. Now I am delighted with it I KNOW. I know that I love and soberly often go to the countryside. To rest. To calm. I am grateful to myself, but also to the rather tough experiences associated with the abandonment and reevaluation of my life. I congratulate myself that finally I am fully aware of the importance of this element in my existence.
In this way, growing human alienation from nature, many months of being in the city’s overwhelming heaviness lead to strange consequences. Stress, inheritance, isolation, paranoia. At least with me. A sense of huge entrapment! Such a belief that there are still some people somewhere, they want something from me. They say something to me, they look, stand, rub. E.t.c. Isn’t it what puts me in fear of the crowds?

my modern human and civilization collage 2
modern human graphics 2


Sell and buy a Healthy life

I am also afraid that very slowly clean, beautiful, natural environment becomes a luxury commodity. We forget that air, water, diversity of habitats and species are the basis of our life and more importantly: it’s up to us. It is an inalienable commodity that is priceless and belongs to each of us. No one can privatize air or water. I do not want to live in a world in which in 10-20 years to see the greenery I will have to buy a costly holiday in green enclaves. In which to breathe with clean air I will have to buy a can of brisk super air. As, for example, the Chinese do it now. They buy Vitality Air cans. I am afraid that we will be cheated by greedy concerns, industrial lobbies and related governments imperceptibly, with small steps. And there will be a lack of key elements of life. Of course, no one will say it suddenly, will not shout “Dear Citizens! Customers! From today, clean water, beautiful views and great air you have to buy from us for only …”
But we can wake up when we realize that we are increasingly buying these elements, though they were once given to us. That they have become fashionable. I think we should keep our finger on the pulse, and say “NO!” to all big companies, stinky chimneys! Do not buy from Chinese people who have state of the environment in deep respect. But also to boycott all American or European giants. Paying ridiculous money, for producing ridiculously cheap and terribly toxic goods as a result. 
It turns out that even being among plants and greenery helps to regenerate man better after diseases, I read about it once in American Scientific.

The smell and colors of flowers can affect our mental state. When I feel bad and claustrophobic I try to force myself to walk ;P I walk far behind the bridge, to the river, still green here and breathe with the sound of leaves and birds singing.
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