illustration of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology poster. I was inspired by the competition contest on the Steemit platform. Present this technology with a picture.

A huge mass, a shoal of unimportant fish, becomes a large, connected and pulsating organism. And overthrows governments and changes the rules of the world. Like democracy, nuclear energy, the internet and many, many more. It jumps out of the water of data and information, from the digital network and its large mouth devours what is inaccessible and mendacious. What is corrupt and wanting to limit freedom.
I approach the subject intuitively and understand it like this: We are a cloud of users who can provide various services. In brief. So there is no vertical hierarchy leading to a centralized creation. Users are a network. Because of that, as long as they use it, it exists.
I read on Wikipedia that “it is a decentralized and distributed database in the open source model in a peer-to-peer (P2P) internet network without central computers and without a centralized data storage location, used for posting individual transactions, payments or accounting entries [ 2] encoded using cryptographic algorithms. ”
illustration of blockchain technology
poster little big fish

What provides blockchain?

  • anonymity – no traceability of some transactions,     
  • on the other hand, transparency and,
  • security – we have data about ourselves and only we decide who has access to them,
  • independence,
  • confirmation of data by other users,
  • network can’t be “shut down”,
  • resistance to network failures.

I understand it rightly? I also wondered about the drawbacks and possible consequences, but above all I feel excitement at the thought of upcoming events.

Problems and questions:

  • what about controlling finances and making life more difficult for criminals? The heaviest caliber criminals?
  • did history show the face of a man when he was given too much of a freedom? Some people think that it is the law and the specter of consequences that holds the man on the bright side.
  • whether the global economy does not suffer from the omission of taxes, but part of the coffers flow into states
  • are we even able to predict the consequences at all?
  • can you stop the process of moving from currencies to cryptocurrencies and the willingness of users to be anonymous? Probably not, there will always be countries that want to earn on a crypto 🙂
  • high availability of illegal goods. difficult prosecution.

I believe that it will change the world. For a better, more conscious and safer society.

by me
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